Whether you’re an expert or a novice, we provide the right support to make

sure your project is a roaring success.

● Packaging design service

Our extensive experience means we can help you make the most of

your creative ideas, whatever stage they’re at.

● Technical advice

We’re talented at relaying the technical side of the box making

process, helping you make the best possible decisions, for the best

possible packaging.

● Packaging consultancy

Our packaging consultancy services means helping you to maximise

productivity, efficiency and value for money. Small but effective

changes save money on materials, lower your carbon footprint and

reduce the use of plastics.

● Artworking

We offer an artworking service in our top-notch design studio, creating

your illustrations, brand logos and 3D-rendered drawings.

● Cutter guides

Cutter guides also follow on from the sample stage. They’re the raw

drawings we create using our state-of-the-art design software, allowing

artwork to be laid down over the top of the guides. We can either

export your designs (in PDF, EPS, DXP or AI) or you can make the most

of our design studio, where we can create your artwork ready for print.

● Tool making

Once we have your approval on your sample, we start the tool making

process. The first step is transferring your box shape to a backing board,

which we achieve using our precision CAD table. We then cut your

shape using either a laser or a fretsaw, before moving to the cutting

table, where the rule is hand bent and inserted into the backing board.

Adding foam to the cutter to prevent cardboard from getting trapped,

we send your box to the cutting shop ready for the next stage of the


● Print management

We use both litho and digital print, for a multitude of colour designs on

your beautiful luxury box packaging. Using Pantone colours we keep

your shades tight to your brand. Fancy gloss matt, soft touch

lamination, vegetable ink machine-seal recyclable materials: we’ve

got you covered.

● Die cutting

Die cutting involves using a cutting form that is inserted onto the back

plate of our die cutting Heidelberg Platens. Our highly skilled machine

setter creates a make-ready and the chosen material is put into the

machine on lays and cut out using the ‘clamshell’ action (creating a

snap as it cuts through the board). Once returned it’s then taken from

the machine and ready for stripping out, before heading to the rigid

box making area.

● Foil stamping/ embossing/ debossing

A traditional method of branding for smaller order work, we provide hot

foil stamping to your packaging in thousands of different colours, to suit

any fancies of your imagination.

● Rigid box making

Handmaking boxes is a highly skilled craft. Our makers have extensive

training and are experts in working with a vast array of materials.

Box making

We offer a wide range of environmentally-friendly and sustainable

materials and take pride in shaping your ideas, whether for

promotional, retail or gift purposes, into custom made presentation


● Fulfilment/packing

Our fulfilment service allows our clients to concentrate on what they do

best, knowing that their products are in expert hands.

● Promotional service e.g. pens/pads/business cards/mugs

Making the most of your brand, in whatever way you see fit.

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