Brand Spanking New

We’re excited for the future with our new and extended

premises, freshly-launched website and our industry award.

Our Corporate Responsibility: up to

98% plastic-free by 2029

We pay as much attention to our

responsibilities as we do our luxury box


We’re here to help your brand shine. From bringing your ethical

aspirations to life, to inspiring your customers with solutions that truly resonate.

We put more into our boxes, so you can get more out of them.

We’ve come a long way, through three generations, and we’re committed

to working sustainably with every step going forwards, putting people and

the planet first.

Footprints in the carbon

We’re hot on what’s not, and have drastically reduced our use of

plastic, opting instead for materials that are recycled and recyclable.

All of our packaging is made creating as little waste as possible, while also

minimising our transport pollution.

We’re getting creative with the finer features too, such as our

vegetable-based vegan inks.

We’re excited about the sustainability of the way we work, and are

committed to continuing our search for ways to work even better.